Buttonizer Lifetime Deal | Smart Chat to Boost Website

Want to boost your website clicks and conversions? With Buttonizer, you can quickly and easily create smart, floating content to engage your website visitors and drive more traffic.

From helpful chat widgets and contact forms to dynamic buttons that respond to specific events, you can use Buttonizer to customize the perfect configuration for your website.

Grab the Buttonizer lifetime deal today and save time and effort while enhancing your website’s user experience.

Buttonizer Lifetime Deal Overview

Buttonizer lets you easily and quickly create engaging, smart floating content designed to capture the attention of website visitors and increase clicks and conversions.

With a few taps and clicks in the simple yet powerful web interface, you can create stunning dynamic buttons, contact forms, live chat widgets, and more that are guaranteed to grab the attention of your visitors.

The award-winning Buttonizer Lifetime Deal provides an affordable way for businesses to enjoy all the benefits of having professional-grade floating content on their websites – without breaking the bank.

Increase website engagement with your own custom-made, floating content today with Buttonize and unleash its power!

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Get Buttonizer Lifetime Deal with 60-Day FREE Trial!

Buttonizer Key Features!

Buttonizer is a powerful widget-builder that provides an easy and interactive way to engage with your customers

  • Create WhatsApp widgets so you can send and receive messages directly from your website
  • Easily add contact forms to your website to help you keep in touch with customers
  • Facilitate site searches to make it easier for visitors to find what they need
  • Customize colors, themes, and icons to help make the widgets fit into your website’s design scheme
  • Increase user engagement and enhance customer experience with Buttonizer

Buttonizer Main Features

Optimize your website experience with our range of plans and features!

From simple clickable buttons to dynamic, interactive floating content, Buttonizer offers something for everyone. Get the most out of your website with us today!

Smart Click Actions

Discover over 50 different on-click actions to help you engage your customers in new and exciting ways!

From Click-to-Call and Mail to Chatting with Whats App and sending custom messages, to opening Javascript functions, Social Sharing, Direct Messaging with Facebook Messenger, and many more – the possibilities are endless when it comes to connecting with your audience.

Buttonizer Lifetime Deal - Smart Click Actions
Buttonizer Lifetime Deal – Smart Click Actions

Unlock a world of customer engagement today – choose from an array of options and watch as your interactions improve!

Get Buttonizer Lifetime Deal with 60-Day FREE Trial!


Maximize your opportunities to display customized buttons with precise filters. Control the visibility of your buttons based on device, page, user role, time, and day – plus much more.

Make sure you’re only showing users what they need to see when they need to see it, by creating powerful page rules and dynamic timetables for maximum engagement.

Buttonizer Lifetime Deal - Filters
Buttonizer Lifetime Deal – Filters


Position your Floating Action Button with ease and give it an extra touch of style!

With over 400 icons to choose from, you can upload a custom icon or image, change the color of the button, icon, and text, select from 5 different floating menu styles, control the visibility of smart labels, and much more – all while engaging with your content.

Buttonizer Lifetime Deal - Styling
Buttonizer Lifetime Deal – Styling


Uncover the success of your floating action buttons with Buttonizer Analytics’ data-driven dashboard.

Track your button clicks automatically and stay on top of your conversions with email alerts – and even view up to six months of history!

That’s just the start: explore our robust analytics capabilities and take your button performance to a whole new level.

Buttonizer Lifetime Deal - Insights
Buttonizer Lifetime Deal – Insights


Capture your visitors’ attention and keep them engaged with motion effects crafted based on their behavior!

Accelerate clicks with exit intent-based motions, call out inactivity with idle visitor animations, or entice scrolling by toggling show/hide options based on scroll depth or timeout.

With 8 possible button animations, you can add an extra bit of excitement to any website!

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Buttonizer Lifetime Deal Pricing

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Features Included in All Buttonizer Plans

  • WhatsApp widget
  • Contact form widget
  • Site search widget
  • Unlimited floating action buttons
  • Make a floating menu
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Add custom messages to WhatsApp chat
  • Custom button positioning
  • Custom colors
  • 5 attention-grabbing animations
  • Add Google tracking code
  • Show/hide buttons on time schedules
  • Add page rules
  • Exit-intent trigger
  • Execute javascript function


Buttonizer is the perfect way to make sure your website is making the most conversions possible.

With its simple user interface, you can have custom floating chat widgets, contact forms, and dynamic buttons tailored to suit your needs in no time.

Get Buttonizer Lifetime Deal with a 60 day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but more customers to gain. Try Buttonizer today and take your website visibility to the next level!

Get Buttonizer Lifetime Deal with 60-Day FREE Trial!

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