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Are you a salesperson or marketer looking for an efficient way to reach out to your prospects?

Have you been searching for a tool that can help you find the right contacts and personalize your messages with ease?

If so, then meet Closely Lifetime Deal – That is the perfect solution for you!

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This cloud-based platform allows you to find e-mail and Linkedin contacts, send connection requests, and follow up with your Linkedin prospects automatically.

Get ready to maximize your outreach efforts and make connections like never before!

Closely Lifetime Deal Overview

Let’s grow your network on LinkedIn! Automated campaigns can help you stay connected with potential leads and nurture existing connections.

With a few easy steps, you can start importing potential leads from sources like CRM systems, websites, email lists, and more.

Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network with automated LinkedIn campaigns.

Closely Lifetime Deal | Best LinkedIn and Email Automation
Closely Lifetime Deal Best LinkedIn and Email Automation

Closely Can Do For You!

We’re excited to help you build relationships with potential customers through Linkedin Search, Sales Navigator Search, Group or Event members, and Profiles that engaged with a specific post.

A closely friendly approach will assist you in making meaningful connections that can lead to successful business opportunities.

With a dedicated residential proxy, each seat ensures your Linkedin accounts are secure and accessible.

Re-assigning your Linkedin accounts to this seat is easy and can be done at any time. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable security and accessibility for your accounts.

Best LinkedIn & Email Automation Tools Features

Are you looking to find, engage and convert ideal prospects into customers with ease? Look no further than our lead intelligence and sales automation platform.

It is simple for you to find the perfect prospects and quickly turn them into customers. With our easy-to-use features, you can efficiently identify the right leads, keep track of your conversations, and close deals faster.

Automated LinkedIn Messaging:

Automated LinkedIn messaging can be an effective way to reach out to potential contacts. With a well-crafted sequence of messages, it’s possible to draw attention to your product or services and make meaningful connections.

By tracking replies in a dashboard, you can also measure the success of your outreach and adjust your approach accordingly. With automated LinkedIn messaging, you can reach out to more contacts in a shorter amount of time.

Closely Lifetime Deal -Automated LinkedIn Messaging
Closely Lifetime Deal – Automated LinkedIn Messaging

Lead Finder

Using a top B2B data provider to find the most relevant leads in a reliable B2B contact database can speed up the sales process. Target audiences and find leads most likely to buy with this 130 million-person database.

LinkedIn Data Export

LinkedIn Data Export Tool – Export Search Results to Excel! LinkedIn is ideal for multi-touch B2B sales. If you know how to find leads and avoid automation friction, it works great.

LinkedIn Email Extractor

LinkedIn Email Finder and Outreach chrome extension is a great tool for an automated connection request, which can save you lots of your time.

With this extension, you can find the email address of any LinkedIn user and send them connection requests in a bulk.

Moreover, Voila Norbert also offers 50 free credits every month, which can be used to find the email addresses of any LinkedIn user.

Chrome Extension

Closely Chrome Extension is an invaluable tool for finding and scraping email addresses and other data from LinkedIn profiles.

The Linkedin Scraper & Email Finder Chrome extension by Auto Connect Tool and Closely:

Email Download Chrome Extension also provides users with the ability to quickly and easily scrape data from Sales Navigator.

Simply click the Scrub Export button and in a few minutes you will have the scraped data in your space.

Automate LinkedIn Connection

With Closely, you can easily and quickly send connection requests to users on LinkedIn. When someone accepts your request, Closely will automatically send a personalized follow-up message.

You can create and customize templates so that each message is tailored to the individual. With this automation, you can save time and energy while connecting with your network.

Read More Details Closely Features!

Closely Appsumo Deal Pricing and Features

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With Closely, you can easily find and reach out to the right contacts, automate follow-ups and engage with leads on LinkedIn and via email.

Use its integrated B2B contacts database, email verification tool, and Linkedin CRM to monitor your conversations, segment your audience, and launch campaigns – all from one place.

Get the Closely Lifetime Deal today with 10% off and a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free for two months.

Don’t wait – take control of your lead engagement today with Closely!

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