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Video is an excellent method to engage prospects, but creating customized videos is a headache. Because video creation takes so long, it may appear unreachable to you as a client outreach tool.

Imagine a technology that made creating bespoke videos as simple as email.

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Today, we’re talking about DeepWord, an AI-powered content production platform that can help you scale customized sales and marketing videos.

What is DeepWord?

DeepWord makes it easy to create realistic deep fake videos at scale, including with CRM connection for personalized sales and marketing outreach.

You can generate deepfake movies of people conversing using DeepWorld; all you need to do is write in what you want them to say or provide an audio recording of what you want to hear them say.

You may utilize one of the video actors that DeepWord provides, or you can construct your own for scalable usage. You will be able to make a deep fake video in less than fifteen minutes, and this film will be able to be downloaded, shared, or translated.

If You Know How To Scale Personalized Video content with DeepWord? Then watch the video…

DeepWord is an alternative to Synthesia and the best choice for Teams in sales and marketing who want to reach more people and get them involved can use personalized videos.

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Why Choose DeepWord?

Producing bespoke videos used to take hours of scripting, shooting, and editing. Now you don’t have to. You must compose the script. That’s it.

Then choose an actor, either your own or DeepWord’s. Then set their clothes and surroundings, and type in their lines. There are 140 languages and accents to pick from. Real-life video game. Except the money is accurate, and no one gets caught in the act.

And the enchantment doesn’t end there. The scalability characteristics of DeepWord enable you to generate hundreds, if not thousands, of customized films. Simply upload a CSV file containing your contacts, enter your script, and configure the personalization tags.

DeepWord even assists you in managing your outreach. Sharing the videos through a link and embed or on a customized share page with your logo, text, and a call to action.

Alternatively, you may export everything back into a CSV, where all your links are organized and ready to send to prospects.

Appsumo DeepWord

➡ It’s as simple as sending a text message

DeepWord allows you to make realistic films of individuals conversing without needing actors or special equipment. Simply choose or upload an actor and enter or upload the dialogue you want them to speak.

➡ At Scale, Generate & Personalize

The most engaging way to communicate with a sales prospect or current client is via personalized video. However, owing to time and cost restrictions, it is not practical to create a scale.

However, DeepWord allows you to input contacts from any CRM and customize movies for each user using merge tags. The films may then be imported into your CRM and distributed in sales campaigns, email sequences, or whatever you see appropriate.

➡ Send Your Contacts

Download the contacts from your CRM for whom you want to create personalized videos. Then save them to DeepWord.

➡ Personalize Your Video Template

Choose or upload a video actor, configure video overlay settings, and add backdrop graphics. Then insert your video script and customize it using merge tags. Then, click the Create option to make a customized movie for each contact. Finally, customize your video-sharing sites with logos, colors, domains, and button links.

➡ CRM Extraction

Finally, export your customized video URLs to your CRM. Distribute them using email campaigns or sequences, LinkedIn, or any other manner your CRM supports.

DeepWord Deal Pricing Plan & Feature Benefits

First and foremost, what are the benefits of purchasing DeepWord?

  • Get DeepWord Deal
  • All future modifications to the Premium Account Plan
  • No codes or stacking are required; just choose your best plan.
  • Your license must be activated within 60 days after purchase.
  • The ability to upgrade or downgrade among five licensing levels
  • GDPR Compliance
  • From text to video
  • 25 or more video actors
  • Upload your own video actor
  • Scalable video marketing campaigns
  • Tracking of video analytics
  • Uploading custom audio
  • API accessibility
  • Downloads in MP4 format
  • Domain-specific share pages
  • Quick processing time
  • Remove DeepWord branding and replace it with your own.

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Appsumo DeepWord

This, my all-time favorite Sumo-ling, is how you will make customized marketing and sales films on a large scale. Simply follow the link below to get started with DeepWord LTD.

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