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Setting up an online store can be exhausting and time-consuming, requiring coding, designing, and configuring plugins.

Dukaan is an e-commerce platform that allows you to build, manage, and scale your online store and Android app in just a few minutes without the need for any design or coding skills.

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What Is Dukaan?

Dukaan is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create your online store and Android app in just a few minutes.

With Dukaan, you get all the necessary tools to build and manage your online store without additional transaction fees.

How Does Dukaan Work?

With Dukaan Lifetime Deal, you can create your online store by choosing your store name, uploading your inventory, and auto-generating product descriptions.

You can also connect to third-party payment gateways to accept online orders from customers worldwide.

Dukaan’s storefronts are optimized to increase conversions with fast checkout, and you can customize your store’s design and branding with professionally designed e-commerce website templates.

Why Choose Dukaan?

Quick and easy setup: Dukaan allows you to launch your online store in seconds without the need for any coding or design skills.

  • White label: You can customize your storefront to match your branding and make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Fast checkout: Dukaan’s optimized storefronts and streamlined checkout process make it easy for customers to complete their purchases.
  • Mobile app: Dukaan lets you create your own Android app in minutes, making it easier for your customers to shop with you wherever they go.
  • Plugins: Dukaan’s powerful plugins let you add new features to your store, including discount coupons, payment options, delivery and shipment management, and more.
  • Zero transaction fees: With Dukaan, you can keep more of your sales revenue, as the platform charges zero transaction fees on every payment.
  • Integrations: Dukaan integrates with popular marketing and payment tools, including Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords, Intercom, PayPal, and Stripe. These integrations make it easier for you to manage your online store, connect with your customers, and grow your business.
Dukaan Lifetime Deal

Features of Dukaan

Dukaan provides many features to help you create and manage your online store quickly and easily. With the white label feature, you can turn your online store into a branded Android app in just a few minutes.

Plus, the CNAME feature allows you to use your own custom domain name for your store, giving your brand a more professional look.

You can also use multiple types of discount coupons, including flat fees, off, and buy one, get one, to attract more customers and boost sales.


Dukaan integrates with Stripe and PayPal, so your customers can use their preferred payment options, and you can even offer a cash-on-delivery payment option to give your shoppers more flexibility.

With Dukaan, you have all the tools you need to create a successful online store in 30 seconds.

dukaan lifetime deal

Dukaan Plugins

Dukaan allows you to expand your online store with new features using plugins.

You can use plugins to boost checkout conversions, track analytics, manage delivery and shipments, and build robust email lists.

Digital Storefront

Dukaan’s storefronts are optimized to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers with a fast checkout, allowing you to convert more visitors into customers.

White-Label Mobile App

Dukaan lets you turn your online store into a white-label Android app in minutes, making it easier for your customers to shop with you wherever they go.

You can download an AAB file for your store to publish your e-commerce app in the Google Play Store, and you can also download an APK file that you can share directly with customers via messaging apps.

No Transaction Fees

Dukaan Lifetime Deal charges zero transaction fees, which means you’re making way more money on each sale.

What do you get if you buy this deal?

  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Multiple payment gateways are supported, including Stripe, PayPal, 2C2P, dLocal, etc..
  • Free inbuilt themes that are fully editable
  • 104+ languages supported, with custom label and language inputs, also supported
  • Get store APK for easy access on Android devices
  • Automated abandoned cart recovery to help recover lost sales
  • Manual order creation for more control over orders
  • Product attributes and filters to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for
  • Advanced coupon setup with multiple options for discounts and promotions
  • Product wishlist feature for customers to save products for later
  • Webhooks for custom integrations with other platforms
  • Email marketing builder to help you create and send email campaigns to your subscribers
  • Blog section to share news, tips, and insights with your audience
  • Loyalty points program to reward and retain loyal customers.

Dukaan LTD Pricing Plan


If you’re looking for an e-commerce platform that makes launching your own online store and Android app easy, look no further than Dukaan Lifetime Deal.

With its user-friendly interface, powerful plugins, and zero transaction fees, Dukaan is the perfect solution for small businesses, marketing agencies, and online sellers.

Dukaan is a game-changer for anyone who wants to create an online store and Android app without the need for design or coding skills.

With Dukaan Lifetime Deal’s powerful features and plugins, you can customize your store to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers.

Plus, you can keep more of your profits with no transaction fees. So why wait? Get lifetime access to Dukaan today and start selling to customers around the globe!

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