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  • Are you in the event planning industry and looking for a way to host successful virtual and hybrid events?
  • Do you want to provide engaging, real-time interactive experiences for your attendees with user analytics?

If so? We found an amazing tool for this all-in-one solution that is designed to make hosting events easier than ever before.

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What is ExpoSim?

ExpoSim is the perfect solution for organizations hosting virtual hybrid events. It offers a range of real-time interactive features, such as live chat, video streaming, polls, and surveys, to keep your audience engaged and informed.

It also provides user analytics, so you can track event performance, monitor attendee engagement, and gain valuable insights.

With ExpoSim, you can easily host a successful event online and ensure your guests have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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ExpoSim Lifetime Deal Overview

ExpoSim gives you everything you need to plan virtual events all in one place.

A No-Code 100% Customizable Platform

ExpoSim wants to give you a platform that makes it easy for you to create, host, and measure virtual events with as little hassle as possible.

  • Custom design
  • Bring the 3D expo to your sponsors.
  • Set up meetings.
ExpoSim Lifetime Deal Overview
ExpoSim Lifetime Deal A No-Code 100% Customizable Platform

A virtual event for hosting platform

This platform is for hosting virtual events that are made to engage and impress! Make your virtual event stand out by adding highly interactive features that get people involved.

What people think, Raise Your Hand Live chats, Analyze your event data and Keep the audience notified

ExpoSim Key Features

  • Designed to hold big events
  • Custom landing page, event design & branding
  • Pre-event marketing and reminder emailers
  • Zoom, Webex, and OBS all offer to stream.
  • Streaming live on video platforms and social media sites
  • 10+ parallel stages can run at a time
  • 2D and 3D virtual booths that are interactive and have handouts
  • Help with networking through chat, phone calls, and video meetings
  • Live help for event planners and participants
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for the back end
  • Analyses and recordings after an event
  • Desktop, laptop, and mobile devices can use it.

Create your Own Virtual Event

Give a name to your virtual event. You can brand your event in any way you want with our custom branding feature.

There’s no need to share different links for different sessions. From a single platform, it’s easy to run and manage many stages, expos, and meetings.

Use custom branding in the event lobby to draw attention to your sponsors. Make sure they get a lot of attention by giving them virtual booths and sending marketing messages all over the event.

ExpoSim Lifetime Deal
ExpoSim Lifetime Deal – Create your Own Virtual Event

3D navigation & booths

3D navigation lets visitors browse booths, pamphlets, product displays, and video testimonials.

Gamification + Selfie Booth + Leaderboard

Here’s the perfect audience engagement plan! Attendees can play games and post selfies on the walls, and the leaderboard will reward those who are the most involved.


Set up chats and meetings with sponsors, exhibitors, and people who are going to the event. Set up round tables and one-on-one meetings for your audience.

All-in-one dashboard

Get an overview of the event timeline and detailed analytics, send promotional and reminder emails, and manage audiences all from one place.

ExpoSim Lifetime Deal Dashboard
ExpoSim Lifetime Deal Dashboard

Check on attendees

Know where people go at the event, how long they stay, and with whom or what they interact.

Get exhibitor numbers

Get the real numbers out to your exhibitors. With ExpoSim, you can keep track of how many people come to your event and give your exhibitors measurable results.

Track one-on-one meetings

Look into every one-on-one meeting. This feature keeps track of how many demos and meetings have been set up and held.

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Appsumo ExpoSim Pricing

Features Benefits The LTD Plan!

  • Unlimited events per month
  • Unlimited concurrent events
  • Unlimited registrations per month
  • DIY dashboard
  • Customizable landing page
  • Attendee group chat
  • Q&A polls
  • Registration reminder email
  • Booth chats
  • Stream from Zoom, Webex, and CustomRTMP
  • Event analytics and session analytics
  • Sponsor branding
  • Data availability post-event


Already we know that the ExpoSim is the perfect all-in-one solution for hosting virtual and hybrid events. With real-time interactive features and user analytics, you can easily keep track of who’s engaging with your event.

Plus, with their 60-day money-back guarantee, you can try it out for two months with no risk. Hosting dynamic virtual events has never been easier – don’t wait any longer, try ExpoSim FREE Trial today!

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