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Are you looking for an all-in-one customer support tool to help you provide an amazing customer support experience?

Checkout: Feederloop Lifetime Deal.

Feederloop is a comprehensive customer support tool that integrates real-time video chat, session replays, and co-browsing into your website or app.

This can help you provide a seamless and efficient customer experience while saving time and money.

Learn more about how Feederloop can help you provide the best customer support experience.

What Is Feederloop?

Feederloop is an online platform that allows businesses to create and manage their own digital loyalty programs to make it easy to get customer information, talk to customers, and give them loyalty points and other rewards.

Feederloop also lets businesses change their customer loyalty programs to meet their customers’ needs better.

Feederloop Features

Feederloop integrates real-time video chat, session replays, and co-browsing into your website or app for customer support.

Feederloop lets you quickly connect with customers via live video calls, session replays, and co-browsing on your site.

They can even screen share during video calls to demonstrate their issues. This tool lets you see how users browse your site, so you can suggest the easiest solution.

Screen Sharing

Live-stream customer screens and browsing behaviour. Feederloop’s co-browsing feature lets you click, scroll, and type directly into the customer’s browser.

Demonstrate your product or service by controlling your customer’s screen. You can also accelerate customer onboarding.

Feederloop Lifetime Deal - Screen Sharing

To help customers navigate your site, click, scroll, and type in their window. Feederloop records customer sessions to capture real user issues.

Share sessions on demand to align customer service, engineering, and product teams. Your developers can fix issues without spending hours reproducing bugs by seeing console errors in real-time.

Feederloop Lifetime Deal - Co-browsing


Fix bugs faster with session replays of user and console errors. Feederloop makes it easy to track website visitors and join their sessions with one click.

Track your high-converting customers’ user activity with visitor profiles. Your website or app lets users contact customer support without downloading anything.

Feederloop Lifetime Deal - Recordings

Main Dashboard

View site visitors’ real-time activity.

Helping customers solve problems shouldn’t feel like bad charades. To improve customer service and sales, Feederloop lets you video call, co-browse, and screen share with users.

Feederloop Lifetime Deal - Main Dashboard

Get started to help your clients right now.

Feederloop Features!

Here’s how Feederloop can help you improve your CSAT and NPS while decreasing your MTTI and MTTR.

Outbound Video Chat:

Is a unique technique to directly engage with visitors at conversion moments. Your website visitors can chat with you and get to know you better.

This tool helps you understand their needs and deliver quick and helpful service to convert them into customers. It improves conversions and consumer engagement.

Inbound Video Chat:

That’s ideal for customer care or sales teams looking to boost consumer engagement. Your employees can quickly and easily answer client calls from home or work.

This tool speeds up client trust and happiness. It can enhance customer service response times, minimize wait periods, and provide fast feedback and solutions.


That strong customer support technology lets agents and customers connect in real time. Agents can help clients through a website, app, or web interface.

Agents may click, input, and navigate with customers in their browsers, seeing what they see.

This reduces consumer irritation and speeds up agent resolution. Co-Browsing lets agents swiftly assist clients.

Session Replays:

Developers and UI/UX designers benefit from this technology. Users can evaluate prior user activity and usage patterns to improve user experience.

Developers can reproduce and fix errors with session replays. Session replays help developers and UI/UX designers evaluate user behaviour and improve their products.


Feederloop gives detailed call activity and performance data. Feederloop analytics provide call duration, inbound/outbound status, and call activity.

Companies can improve their customer service operations with this data. Feederloop Analytics provides average call duration, peak call periods, call trends, customer satisfaction levels, and more.

This data can help companies find areas to improve customer service and happiness.

Message Service:

When agents are unavailable, Feederloop Message Service allows users to leave voice messages for them. This service also calls or emails users when they are online to provide prompt and efficient customer service.

You can ensure that your customers have quick access to help with Feederloop Message Service, even when agents are unavailable.

Privacy First:

Feederloop’s Privacy First feature hides text input fields by default. This protects user data. Custom privacy settings let users tailor text field behaviour.


Feederloop is a flexible platform that automates and speeds up data workflow. Feederloop can be customized for independent use or integration with your existing tools and workflows.

Feederloop streamlines data management, boosting productivity and saving time.

Team Management:

Feederloop suits all businesses. It offers a simple team management solution with task tracking, project management, and access control for small agencies and websites.

That’s a complete collection of solutions for larger firms managing many web apps and sites to manage teams and projects and maintain smooth operations.

Feederloop keeps any size organization organized and efficient.

Read More Features About Feederloop!

Feederloop Appsumo Deal Pricing

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Feederloop is an excellent customer support tool that provides a comprehensive suite of features to quickly and easily provide customer service.

Feederloop is an extremely useful customer support tool that helps businesses provide quick and effective customer service.

It offers real-time video chat, session replays, and co-browsing within one platform.

The lifetime deal offered by Appsumo makes it even more affordable and accessible to any business that wants to improve its customer support.

With the 60-day free trial and 10% discount for new users, there is no reason not to try Feederloop and see how it can help your business today.

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