Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal [$49] Fight Fraud on Google Ads

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Looking to maximize your Google Ads performance without spending hours fighting click fraud?

Fraud Blocker is your perfect solution.

This powerful tool helps you keep fraudulent clicks and errors at bay, so you can focus on optimizing your campaigns and getting the most out of your ad budget.

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What Is Fraud Blocker?

Fraud Blocker is a revolutionary defense system against click fraud and other malicious activity on Google Ads. With advanced monitoring capabilities, Fraud Blocker makes it easier than ever to keep your campaigns safe from external vulnerabilities.

Protect yourself from costly click fraud by leveraging our state-of-the-art fraud protection technology able to scan billions of online interactions in a few seconds every day.

Keep an eye on your campaigns, detect suspicious activity as it happens, and save time and money when you safeguard your ad budgets with Fraud Blocker.

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Fight Fraud on Google Ads!

Are you losing your ad budget to fraud? Identifying and evaluating unusual activities on Google Ads campaigns can be time-consuming and difficult.

But with Fraud Blocker, you don’t need to worry about wasted ad spend again!

Protect your campaigns from malicious bots and accidental clicks, analyze for suspicious activity, and view in-depth data to optimize your campaign performance.

By taking only a few minutes of your time, Fraud Blocker can help safeguard your ad budget, ensure accurate clicks, and keep your campaigns running successfully.

Get started today and see how easily you can protect your business from fraudulent activities!

Fight Google Ads Waste

Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal
Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal- Fight Google Ads Waste

Fraud Blocker Features

Secure your web traffic and defend against fraud with a best-in-class, real-time fraud detection algorithm.

The comprehensive system deploys IP monitoring, VPN detection, device fingerprinting, geolocation tracking, blacklists, click frequency analysis, and more to identify fraudulent activities and protect your business.

Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal
Fraud Blocker – Fight Fraud on Google Ads!

Fraud Scoring

Since not every fraud is the same, FraudBlocker examines each traffic source to your website and assesses its propensity to be fake.

They continuously track your traffic, instantly modify your score, and ban the appropriate IP addresses and device IDs.

Automatic Blocking

Your Google Ads account is integrated with the FraudBlocker platform, and malicious IP addresses are automatically added to your exclusion list.

Fraud Blocker Automatic Blocking
Fraud Blocker Automatic Blocking

Customizable Rules

Change some of FraudBlocke rules for detecting fraud to better suit your needs, such as the click frequency threshold or the VPN threshold, among other things.

Flexible Team Access

Invite your colleagues to keep an eye on your account and, for more control, add roles that allow tailored access to various functions like adding website addresses, seeing billing info, changing subscription plans, and so much more!

This is an opportunity to make the most of your account.

Fraud Blocker Flexible Team Access
Flexible Team Access

Subscription Management

Experience instantaneous transformation on our subscription management page – upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan within moments.

Plus, include or take out domain names with a few simple clicks. Let us make your journey smooth and effortless!

Read More Details About FraudBlocker Features!

The Benefits of FraudBlocker LTD

  • Impress customers with real-time, 24/7 monitoring for suspicious activity
  • Block Google Ads to keep web traffic clean and prevent account suspension
  • Score fraudulent traffic to quickly identify malicious bots and protect against cyber threats
  • Get the most out of device detection capabilities to improve user experience
  • Easily detect VPNs and proxies to prevent identity theft and spam
  • Customize blocking rules to fit any business’s needs
  • Take control of user management with granular permission settings
  • Export IPs quickly to CSV and XLS formats
  • Send comprehensive reports via email for easier communication
  • Gain added assurance of security with network-level blocking for a risk-free online experience

Appsumo FraudBlocker Pricing

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Final Thoughts

Fraud Blocker is the tool users need to ensure their Google Ads campaigns remain fraud-free and bot-proof.

With advanced features such as automated detection of fraud activity, BotBlock technology, and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Fraud Blocker provides you with the peace of mind that your investments are safe, secure, and protected against any malicious activities.

Try it today and see how it can help your business succeed!

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