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Making a website is a lot of work and adding a new feature isn’t easy. You need to focus on the basics, build the feature and finish your work before you can do anything else.

But what if you could automate everything from the start? That’s where Hoverify Lifetime Deal comes in, it’s a suite of tools to enhance your web development experience and boost your productivity.

This blog explains how Hoverify works and how it can benefit you.

Hoverify Lifetime Deal Features
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Hoverify Lifetime Deal Features

☞ License for 3 activations
☞ Support for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge
☞ Use on unlimited websites
☞ Inspector, Assets, Responsive View
☞ Builtwith, Color Eyedropper, Debug, Capture
☞ Stacking: Each extra code adds 1 license and 3 browsers.
Trusted by +15,000 Developers
Few Days Left
60-day money-back

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Hoverify Lifetime Deal Overview

Hoverify is a must-have for any web developer. It brings together all the best tools and features from various browser extensions into one neat package. Not only does this help you declutter your browser, but it also saves you money by getting rid of all those paid extensions.

With Hoverify, you get access to powerful tools like Inspector, Color eyedropper, Responsive view, Assets, Built with, and Capture. These tools help web developers overcome daily challenges and become more productive.

Watch the video to learn more!

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The Web Developer Toolbox is a browser extension that is trusted by over 15,000 developers. It is made to improve and ease your daily development experience.

Hoverify is best for Web Developers looking for a suite of tools to enhance their web development experience and boost their productivity.

Best Web Development Browser Add-on

All-in-one browser extension for web development – Hoverify. As web developers, we know that your time is valuable and sometimes the little things can make a big difference when it comes to being productive. That’s why we created Hoverify, a suite of tools to help streamline your web development experience and give you a productivity boost. With features like code completion, live preview, and error checking, Hoverify is a must-have extension for any web developer.

So, what are you waiting for? Start with Appsumo’s Hoverify Lifetime Deal and see the results for yourself!

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Hoverify Features

These Tools are for professional web developers. Made to improve and ease your daily development experience. We offer a variety of tools to help make your job easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

From code editors to debugging tools, we have everything you need to make your workflows smoother and your development process more efficient.

☞ Inspector

  • Quickly inspect CSS and HTML by just hovering the mouse over an element.
  • Real-time editing of CSS and HTML.
  • Export code to Codepen + more
Hoverify Lifetime Deal Inspector
Hoverify Lifetime Deal Inspector>>>

☞ Eye-dropper for Colors

Choose colors from anywhere on the website, including photos and IFrames if you want to be really creative.

☞ Assets

Grab all the pictures, SVGs, movies, and Lottie animations you can from this page.

☞ Responsive

  • Any scrolling, clicking, or navigating that you do on one device will instantly be reflected on all other devices in real time.
  • Assistance with Hot Reloading
Hoverify Lifetime Deal Responsive>>>

☞ Debug

With only one click, you may flush the cache, locate meta tags, examine hyperlinks, investigate HTML semantic elements, and check for spelling errors.

☞ Capture

Take a picture of the whole page or a selected section of it.

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Hoverify Appsumo Pricing Plan

Hoverify Lifetime Access for $49 | $90

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We hope you enjoyed our article about Hoverify. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your web development experience with a suite of tools that will boost your productivity.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try Hoverify now or download the 60-day free trial.

But hurry! This deal ends soon!

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