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In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying at the forefront of Google’s search results is paramount. Whether you’re a seasoned online marketer or just beginning your journey, achieving high search engine rankings can be a daunting task.

But what if we told you there’s a magic wand that can help you soar to the top of Google, send you qualified traffic, and attract more customers, all on autopilot?

Enter Magic Submitter, the game-changing SEO tool developed by the experienced software guru Alexander Krulik.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Magic Submitter, exploring its features, pros and cons, pricing, and the ultimate question — can it really take your website to the top of Google?

The Brain Behind Magic Submitter

Before we dive deep into what Magic Submitter can do for you, let’s get to know the genius behind this revolutionary tool. Alexander Krulik, a seasoned software developer with over 15 years of experience, has dedicated his energy and expertise to creating a system that can help anyone dominate their market. His commitment to your success is the driving force behind Magic Submitter, making it a trustworthy and reliable tool for online marketers.

Unleash the Power of Automation

Magic Submitter is like having an army of marketers working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to boost your online presence. Whether you’re using videos, articles, blogs, bookmarking, RSS feeds, or forums to market your content, Magic Submitter does it all for you. It automates various crucial tasks, saving you time and effort, and it’s designed to level the playing field, ensuring you can compete with the experts in the industry.

Amazing Features of Magic Submitter

Magic-Submitter stands out because of its incredible features. Here’s a closer look at what this tool can do for you:

  1. Automatically Create 100 Accounts: Magic Submitter takes the hassle out of creating accounts on various platforms, saving you precious time.
  2. Automatically Verify All Your Accounts: Verification can be a tedious process, but Magic Submitter handles it automatically, ensuring all your accounts are active.
  3. Automatically Spin Your Submissions for Original Content: Unique content is essential for SEO, and Magic Submitter spins your submissions to make them 100% original.
  4. Automatically Submit Content to Over 2000 Sites: Magic Submitter makes content distribution a breeze by automatically submitting your content to a vast network of websites.
  5. Automatically Solve Captcha Verifications: Captcha verifications can be a roadblock, but Magic Submitter takes care of solving them for you.
  6. Automatically Get Thousands of Backlinks on Autopilot: Backlinks are a vital part of SEO, and Magic Submitter ensures you get thousands of them automatically.
  7. Automatically Capture and Organize All Your Links: Managing your backlinks is essential, and Magic Submitter does it for you, keeping everything organized.
  8. Automatically Ping, Bookmark, and Spin Your Links: Magic Submitter takes care of pinging, bookmarking, and spinning your links, enhancing their effectiveness.
  9. Automatically Schedule All Your Marketing 24/7: Consistency is key in online marketing, and Magic Submitter allows you to schedule your marketing activities around the clock.
  10. Automatically Set Up Backlink Campaigns That Run for Weeks: Creating long-term strategies is vital, and Magic Submitter helps you set up backlink campaigns that run for weeks.
  11. Instantly Create Professional Reports for Your Customers: Reporting is crucial when working with clients, and Magic Submitter simplifies the process of creating professional reports.
  12. Add Hundreds of Additional Websites with a Few Clicks: Expanding your network is a breeze with Magic Submitter, as you can instantly add hundreds of additional websites.
  13. Plus 27 Other Amazing Features: Magic Submitter is a comprehensive tool with even more features to explore and utilize.

These features are a testament to the power of automation that Magic-Submitter brings to the table, saving you time and effort while boosting your online presence.

Magic submitter free

Pros and Cons

To give you a balanced perspective on Magic Submitter, let’s consider the pros and cons of using this software.


  • Time-Saving: Automation is the biggest advantage. It handles various time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on your core marketing strategies.
  • Effective Backlink Building: The Submitter’s ability to generate thousands of backlinks on autopilot can significantly boost your website’s SEO.
  • Content Spinning: The tool’s content spinning feature ensures your content remains original, which is crucial for search engine rankings.
  • Versatile: Magic-Submitter covers a wide range of marketing platforms, from articles and blogs to videos and social media sites.


  • Learning Curve: As with any advanced software, there might be a learning curve, and it may take some time to fully utilize all its features.
  • Monthly Subscription: Magic-submitter operates on a subscription model, which might not be ideal for marketers on a tight budget.

While the pros outweigh the cons for many users, it’s essential to assess whether Magic-Submitter aligns with your specific needs and budget.

Pricing Plans

Magic Submitter offers a range of valuable resources to its members:

  • Software: This state-of-the-art software enables you to create and syndicate thousands of backlinks on autopilot. It allows you to submit your content to over 2000 sites.
  • FREE Interactive Forums: Engage with some of the world’s most talented and successful SEO marketers in Magic Submitter’s interactive forums.
  • FREE Support Desk: Leverage the customer support desk to ensure you can make the most of Magic Submitter’s capabilities.
  • FREE Software Updates: Magic Submitter ensures that your software is always up-to-date by providing new features, updates, and services every month.
  • FREE Live Coaching: Join a monthly FREE Live Coaching Call to get your questions answered and stay updated on the latest trends and strategies for dominating your market online.
  • FREE Video Training Vault: Access over 60 training resources covering various aspects of online marketing, from press release marketing to video optimization and more.

The pricing for Magic Submitter is surprisingly affordable, considering the extensive features and support it offers. While some software suites can cost over $299 a month, take a different approach:

Magic Submitter

1st Month Trial: Only $4.95
Each Month After: $67

>>> Grab Your Copy Now <<<

That’s right; you can get started with Magic-Submitter for just $4.95 for the first month. It’s a limited-time offer designed to help you explore the tool’s capabilities without breaking the bank.

Moreover, Magic-Submitter offers a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t witness a significant improvement in your online visibility and market dominance, you can return it for a full refund. It’s a risk-free opportunity to see how Magic Submitter can transform your SEO efforts.


In the world of online marketing, the battle for the top spot on Google’s search results is fierce. Magic Submitter, developed by the experienced Alexander Krulik, is a game-changing tool that can give you the edge you need to succeed. With its arsenal of automation features, Magic-Submitter takes care of time-consuming tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on strategic marketing efforts.

While there might be a learning curve and the tool operates on a subscription model, the pros of using Magic-Submitter far outweigh the cons. Its cost-effective pricing and money-back guarantee make it a risk-free opportunity to elevate your SEO game.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer; get started with Magic-Submitter for just $4.95 for the first month and see how it can push you to the top of Google, send you qualified traffic, and give you more customers—all on autopilot. Your journey to online marketing success begins.

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