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Email newsletters and email marketing is a big part of your marketing strategy. Email marketing has been the go-to strategy for years to connect with prospects and customers.

But with changing trends and rapidly improving technology, it is getting harder for companies to boost their deliverability through emails.

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Selzy is an intelligent email marketing platform that optimizes your email campaigns. This blog covers the details of the tool.

What Is Selzy?

Selzy is a powerful email marketing platform that delivers personalized email campaigns using artificial intelligence and sophisticated marketing automation using machine learning.

It delivers personalized emails to your customers by analyzing their behavior and preferences in real-time to build & refine email lists.

It also helps you increase your email deliverability. By using artificial intelligence, email automation & machine learning, Selzy makes the process of sending tailored emails easier and more cost-efficient.

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Selzy Lifetime Deal Overview

Selzy is an intelligent email marketing platform that optimizes your email campaigns to improve deliverability. Selzy combines machine learning, data science, and human psychology to help you get each of your email campaigns to convert more of your subscribers into paying customers.

This is done by analyzing various aspects of your email campaign and helps you optimize the elements that will result in a better performance from your email campaigns.

Selzy is a great option for small businesses and solopreneurs looking for an alternative to Mailchimp, MailerLite, and SendGrid. Selzy also has GDPR-compliant features and integrates with Albato and Google Sheets.

Selzy Lifetime Deal Overview

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Selzy Features

Free email template builder

Create beautiful emails for free without any designer or HTML experience. Just choose from one of our many templates and customize it to fit your needs.

You can add your own photos and text, and Selzy will take care of the rest. Plus, our easy-to-use tools make creating beautiful emails a breeze.

Free Bulk Email Service

Selzy is a free email service that allows up to 1500 emails to be sent per month. This service has an unrivaled 99.8% delivery rate, which will help you achieve better marketing results.

Personalized Emails

Selzy allows you to send personalized messages to your customers. This results in a 3% better open rate for email campaigns using Selzy.

Email Subscription Forms

Selzy lets you convert website visitors into email subscribers. This way, you can add new readers to your newsletter and increase the number of leads received.

Emails A/B testing

Use objective data to determine which email subject lines work best for your customers. Do not guess; instead, use facts in order to make an informed decision.

Attempting to figure out what will increase open rates through trial and error? Use a data-driven approach instead.

Email list segmentation

Make sure your emails are relevant to each subscriber and useful. Sending segmented campaigns increases open rto ates by 39%, decreases unsubscribes by 28%, and results in 24% more sales.

Triggered Emails

Engage with your customers along their journey by automating email communication. Selzy’s triggered emails keep them engaged at every stage of the purchase process, from confirming orders to following up on newsletters and notifications.

Email marketing automation

Make sure that your clients’ emails are constantly accessible to them so that you don’t have to. You should let your emails run the show around 24/7. in order to free your attention to concentrate on matters that are more significant.

Email Analytics

Conduct campaign analysis to boost conversion rates to unprecedented levels. Get the most out of your emails. Utilize statistics and data to your advantage while engaging in email marketing.

Selzy email analytics tool provides basic and advanced metrics. Google Analytics sales tracking. Identify your finest devices and send time. Click map shows every link and button’s conversion. Analyze past campaigns to optimize future outcomes.

Transactional emails service

Selzy can deliver millions of messages every hour with outstanding deliverability and a user-friendly API. Transactional emails enable you to respond to your subscribers’ actions instantly, demonstrating that you are there when they need you.

Popup subscription forms

With Selzy Popup subscription forms, you can gather email addresses and grow your audience. Pop-ups can triple the number of people who fill out your signup form. A popup works three times better than subscription forms that are built into your website.

Read more details about Selzy Features!

Selzy Appsumo Pricing Plan

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Selzy is an intelligent email marketing platform that helps you optimize your email campaigns to improve deliverability. This platform rates every email you send and provides tips on how to optimize your campaign.

With Selzy, you can get lifetime access to send unlimited emails for just $69. Additionally, the dedicated team at Selzy monitors deliverability around the clock.

Companies use Optimizely Campaign to send more than 50 million emails every month. Selzy also integrates with ZeroBounce, an online email validation system that helps me remove invalid emails from my lists, preventing bounces and improving deliverability.

Moreover, it integrates with Oracle Responsys which allows you to plan, execute, optimize, and manage marketing campaigns and multi-stage programs across every digital channel.

With Selzy’s help, you can ensure that your email campaigns are engaging and relevant to your audience, which is essential for successful deliverability.

So why wait? Sign up for Selzy today and start sending beautiful emails for free.

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