Squash Lifetime Deal $69 | Deploy Staging Environments Fast

Ready to take your development workflow to the next level?

We find out Appsumo’s Squash Lifetime Deal: building a test environment is faster, easier, and more reliable than ever before.

No more playing the waiting game; now you can create an isolated environment for each branch of code in just one click.

Now it’s a breeze to develop new features and experiment with code – with the confidence that everything is secure and working properly.

So shake off the shackles of resource-heavy and time-consuming virtual machine setups and embrace the power of Squash to make testing simple, secure, and stress-free!

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Squash Lifetime Deal Overview

Are you tired of manually setting up multiple testing environments for your code? With Squash, you can forget about all that tedious work – and start deploying with one click!

Squash makes it simple to create staging sites for each task or branch of code. Each deployment creates a unique URL so you can easily share your work with the rest of your team.

Plus, with optional Basic HTTP Authentication, you can rest assured knowing that access to your deployments is restricted.

So let’s make coding easier – try out Squash today!

Why Choose Squash?

Discover Squash – the revolutionary new way to develop, test and deploy your applications in just one click.

With Squash, there’s no need for DevOps teams or servers: simply create unlimited environments with ultra-fast user acceptance testing.

By using Squash, you can save up to 35-50% in server costs, reduce bugs, and speed up the time to market.

It’s time to move your development process into the future. Try Squash today and see how easy it is!

Squash Lifetime Deal - Supports All App
Squash Lifetime Deal – Supports Popular App

Get Squash Lifetime Deal with 60-Day FREE Trial!

Testing URLs

Gain access to a wide array of applications with pre-deployment, including WordPress, Joomla, and Ghost, and quickly create your own testing environment.

You can even import your code from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket for a complete creative license!

That way, you can easily develop intricate apps or microservices, like a React.js program built together with a Node.js backend and MySQL database.

So start setting up test sites and share the URLs with your colleagues to expedite software iteration!

Supported Apps

Create production-replica test environments, precisely with every asset in place, and guarantee that your testing scenarios are precisely the same as what you’d find on the live server.

Store up to 100GB of assets across all deployments, so they’re always within easy reach.

Plus, because Squash supports all file types, you can upload product photos, multimedia data, and even MySQL database dumps without any trouble!

Assets Feature

Upload media of all sorts to create a test environment customized for you. Save time and money with the cloud-based test environments Squash has to offer – no need for dev, staging, or QA servers.

Automatically deactivate servers based on date, inactivity, or branch merges for maximum cost savings. Empower yourself to focus your energy and resources on providing your customers with a top-notch product!

Active Deployments

Squash simplifies the tedious process of switching out your QA servers for a more convenient, user-friendly dashboard.

Trying code in a staging environment is like picking samples off an ice cream bar – quick, easy, and too delicious to resist!

With Squash’s one-click test environment, shareable testing links, and centralized asset storage, you get all the speed and smarts necessary to have your code up and running in no time.

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Stop wasting time managing complicated QA servers and start building better software with Squash.

With Squash’s easy-to-use platform, you can create test environments and disposable staging sites for each branch of code with just one click.

Enjoy 10% off with a 60-day FREE Trial and take advantage of the power of virtual machines to save you time and accelerate your development processes.

Try Squash Lifetime Deal Right Now – don’t let your projects fall behind.

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