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We are all so busy, and our customers are too. So, how can you help them?

Ticksy is an awesome, customizable tool that allows customers to self-service with ease. It is a digital help desk and knowledge base.

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Today’s topic is a review of Ticksy features and capabilities and how they can help you.

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Ticksy Lifetime Deal Overview

Ticksy makes it easy to create a digital help desk and knowledge base tailored to your brand. With Ticksy, you can easily expand your customer support offerings by creating a custom-branded, online help desk and knowledge base.

Ticksy makes it easy to manage your customer support operations and provides all the tools you need to provide excellent customer service.

Ticksy was born from the original idea that if a small business offers a great experience, great things will happen. We realized that for a small business to compete against larger companies, you need a differentiator.

If a customer could get the same great experience with a larger company, why would they choose you? We think the answer is to be a little bolder and a little more fun, something that smaller businesses do well and larger companies tend to struggle with.


Help Desks for Business Owner, Educators, Happy Customers, Developers, Freelancers, and Envato Authors…

Ticksy is probably the most refreshing and easy-to-use helpdesk software you’ve ever used. But more importantly, your customers will absolutely love it. The interface is clean and simple, making it a breeze to use. Plus, the features are top-notch, making it a joy for your customers to use.
So, what are you waiting for? Start with Ticksy Appsumo Lifetime Deal and see the results for yourself!

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Why Ticksy?

If you’re looking for a customer support solution that is both comprehensive and user-friendly, Ticksy is the perfect platform for your business.

With Ticksy, you’ll have all the tools you need to provide excellent customer service, without any of the clutter or complexity that can bog down other platforms.

Ticksy’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to keep track of your customer support requests, while its robust feature set ensures that you can always provide the best possible service.

Whether you’re a small business just getting started with customer support, or a larger company looking for a more streamlined solution, Ticksy is the perfect platform for you.

Ticksy Features

✔ Public and private tickets

Private tickets are only between you and your customers. Public tickets, on the other hand, are like an online forum where anyone can read and respond. This takes some of the support work off your shoulders and gives it to people who want to help.

✔ Envato and Other Add-Ons

Connect your Envato Market account to give your customers a one-click way to confirm purchases before they can submit a ticket. We also work with Easy Digital Downloads and Themely Marketplace to help verify purchases.

Ticksy Appsumo Lifetime Deal

✔ Knowledgebase

You can make as many articles as you want and put them in one or more categories. This is great for online documentation. Most help desks charge extra for this feature, but Ticksy gives it to you for free.

✔ Branded a company

Branding is important, which is why Ticksy lets you choose a custom subdomain, add your logo, and change the colors to match your brand for a seamless customer experience.

✔ Real-time and email alerts

Keep up to date. For each new ticket and reply, email alerts are sent. The live on-site notifications panel will show these, as well as ticket assignments, liked comments, new notes, important announcements, and more.

✔ Features that save time

Speed is very important when it comes to support, which is why Ticksy has pages that load quickly, important features that can be accessed with just one click, and more. There are also a few keyboard shortcuts for those who really know how to use them.

✔ Multilingual

Your system can be shown in more than one language. Your support agents and customers can also change this setting in their profiles if they want to.

English (US and UK), Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Estonian, Dutch, and Chinese (Traditional).

Ticksy Appsumo Lifetime Deal

✔ Social and Engaging

Both your customer service reps and your customers can “like” each comment, which is a nice way to say “thanks.” There are also some standard emoticons that can be used.

Ticksy Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan

Ticksy Appsumo Deal Terms & Conditions

  • Lifetime Access to Ticksy
  • All future changes to the Gold Plan
  • No codes, or stacking; just choose the plan that works for you.
  • You have 60 days from the date of purchase to activate your license.
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for people who have never used Ticksy before and don’t have an account.
  • And Most Important: 60 days money back Guarantee. Give it two months to see if it works for you.

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We hope that you enjoyed reading about how Ticksy can help you create a custom-branded, digital help desk and knowledge base to expand your customer support.

Ticksy is a great way to organize all of your customer questions and create a library of helpful information for your customers on your website.

So to get all the details about how Ticksy’s gonna help you simplify your support, just click the button below. But be quick! This deal’s going away soon!

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