Voxpopme Lifetime Deal [$69] | Best Video Surveys Automatically Gather Client Input

It’s extremely important to know what your customers are thinking. Voxpopme has been developed to help you do exactly that by providing direct, honest feedback from your customers on any product, service, or brand.

The software uses video surveys to capture real customer feedback and automatically organizes responses in a searchable library.

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Voxpopme Lifetime Deal KEY Features

Voxpopme Lifetime Deal KEY Features

  • Automated video transcription and analysis
  • Build your own video surveys
  • Insights dashboard and interactive data charts
  • Curate lists
  • Tags and annotations
  • Sentiment scoring
  • Automated theme coding
  • Build custom showreels
  • Zoom integration
  • 1-minute video responses
  • 3 video questions per survey

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Today I’m excited to tell you about Appsumo Voxpopme Lifetime Deal: a video survey platform that helps you capture real customer feedback faster than ever.

Voxpopme Lifetime Deal Overview

Voxpopme is a video survey platform that helps businesses capture customer feedback and automatically organize responses in a searchable library.

With Voxpopme, businesses can quickly and easily gather customer feedback, identify customer pain points, and track customer satisfaction over time.

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Video Surveys with A Strong Call to Action

Customer feedback is a must to define the position of a company in the market, create a new product or service, test a new idea, or choose the target market for your future business.
But… How do you get a big quantity of reliable market insights from your customers?
How do you ask your customers real questions? How do you gather their answers…
But… don’t go crazy when you have 1000 answers to manage? Voxpopme is the answer.
It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that automatically gathers video answers, analyzes the video
So, what are you waiting for? Start with Voxpopme Lifetime Deal and see the results for yourself!

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Why Choose Voxpopme?

Voxpopme’s video surveys enable you to communicate with customers while collecting detailed responses to your company’s most pressing concerns.

Choose from a collection of ready-made survey forms intended to gather detailed, self-recorded replies at the convenience of everyone.

You may also design bespoke surveys to ask particular questions and achieve specific purposes, such as testing ideas, updating trip maps, and gathering testimonials.

☞ Templates for video surveys

Start collecting video replies right now by using ready-made survey templates!

voxpopme lifetime deal
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Voxpopme allows you to create a searchable library of all your recorded consumer surveys, ensuring that no clip is lost in the mix.

You may import and integrate interviews or focus group recordings into whatever you create using this application.

It’s as simple as just uploading files or connecting with Zoom. In any case, you’ll be able to manage all of your video interactions from one location.

☞ Import of video

Import videos or connect with Zoom to centralize all of your client feedback. Voxpopme may also quickly break down all of your video replies to assist you to understand where your clients are.

voxpopme lifetime deal  Import of video
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Transcript, evaluate, and categorize replies automatically by subject so you can concentrate on gathering more meaningful input.

You’ll even be able to recognize significant trends, patterns, and common threads in videos without having to watch them all.

☞ Video examination

With automatic transcription and theme coding, you can swiftly break down video answers.

voxpopme lifetime deal Video examination

Best of all, Voxpopme allows you to create highlight reels from video replies, highlighting your consumers and allowing them to speak for themselves.

Simply use the simple editing tools to cut video into crucial sections and add slides, subtitles, and music. You may then share the reels online, embed them on your website, or put them on a password-protected landing page.

☞ Highlights video

Make highlight clips of crucial moments from survey video replies. When client surveys are so simple to get, you may wind up having much more video than you anticipated.

You can use Voxpopme to send out video surveys and obtain precise feedback from the people who matter the most -your customers. So, Give the microphone to the consumers.

Voxpopme Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan

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Voxpopme empowers businesses to gather structured customer feedback in the form of video surveys.

Videos are converted into searchable transcripts, which can be analyzed and visualized to provide actionable insights that drive improvements in products and services.

Voxpopme is the first fully automatic video survey tool that delivers the benefits of using video surveys with none of the cost or effort.

So, click on the button below to learn more about Voxpopme’s great features. But don’t delay! This offer is about to expire!

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