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  • Did you know that Google is pushing text-based ads into the SERPs?
  • Did you know that Google ranks longer-form content higher than shorter content?
  • Did you know that you can use a tool like Wordplay.ai to write your content in minutes?

The Wordplay Lifetime Deal is a new AI writing tool that is ideal for anyone in the blogging, content marketing, or SEO space. Check out this blog to learn more about Wordplay and how it can help you.

Write content 10x faster

Wordplay Lifetime Deal

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • Long-form AI writer with 3 different modes
  • The ability to generate 1,500+ words from a keyword or phrase
  • The flexibility to define subheadings for more control over your content
  • The capability to create 50+ articles in one click using AI Mode
  • A WordPress plugin, so you can bulk import and schedule your content

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Today we’re talking about Wordplay Lifetime Deal Exclusive Offer: Using AI, you can create long-form content in a single click.

What Is Wordplay?

Wordplay is an AI writing tool that was developed especially for those who want long-form material that performs well on Google. Wordplay assists you in mass-producing material of the highest quality and length in the shortest amount of time feasible.

You are just responsible for providing an article title, and Wordplay will do the rest of the work. So, You are going to eke out a significant amount of time for yourself.

Most industries are moving from short-term tasks to long-term projects. For example, an advertising agency would outsource its content writing projects to a freelancer for just a few hundred bucks.

In a few days, the freelancer would hand in flawless content. But, that’s too short a time. If projects are long-term, then the outcome is more critical.

You spend more time on research and producing content, so you need more time to get it right. If the freelancer needed more time, then it would, of course, cost you more.

Why is Wordplay Different from Other AI Writers?

We have tried a lot of different AI writing tools…

We were disappointed by everything because it wasn’t built by SEO professionals or with SEO content in mind.

Also, many of these other tools are only good for coming up with 50–100 words at a time, so it takes a long time to make full-length blog posts with them (especially in bulk).

Other AI Writer Gives You Two Options:

  1. Put aside more time in your day to make content by hand.
  2. Pay freelance writers or helpers to come up with content for you.

We didn’t like either of these options, so we made Wordplay: the fastest way to make full-length blog posts with just one click.

Get Wordplay Lifetime Deal NOW!

Wordplay Lifetime Deal Appsumo Features

  • Get AI Writer for Long Form
  • Make articles with more than 1,500 words from one keyword
  • Add subheadings if you want more control.
  • With the Wordplay Plugin, you can put your AI content right into WordPress.
  • Write as many as 7,500 words per month
  • Stack 2 codes for 15,000 words per month.
  • Put 3 codes together for 22,500 words per month
  • Stack 4 codes for 30,000 words a month

Wordplay Appsumo Pricing Plan

  • A 25% off deal is only available on this page & will not be offered after checkout.
  • Wordplay – Long-Form AI Writer Plan is available for life.
  • All future changes to the Wordplay-Long-Form AI Writer Plan
Checkout Wordplay Lifetime Deal Pricing Plan!

Final Thought

If you’ve ever tried to write a blog, white paper, or other content optimized for Google, you know how much it works. And you also know that writing a lot of content that can rank on Google is not easy.

You now have a wordplay that can assist you with both of these issues. This tool offers an easy way to create content automatically.

So, why are you waiting for? get started with Wordplay Long-Form AI Writer today!

Get Wordplay Lifetime Deal Right NOW!

Thanks for staying with us. If you have any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to contact us. We are always excited to hear from you.

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